Half Cocked: A South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast

The baseball team sweeps Elon, the women's basketball team closes out its excellent regular season, the men's basketball team [CENSORED DUE TO INDECENCY], Gamecock football players hit the NFL Combine, and Andy Demetra quotes Jay-Z during a college baseball broadcast.

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The baseball team sweeps the Virginia Military Institute Keydets, Shawn Elliot spurns Will Muschamp's advances, Connor learns valuable life lessons from the Lady Gamecock basketball team, DC Gamecock joins Connor and The Feathered Warrior to play "Chad Kelly Tweet or Kanye West Tweet?", and the baseball team sweeps the Velociraptors of the Week.

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Chris Rogers is the new director of compliance?, the Board of Trustees approves raises for the football and baseball coaches, Brison Williams and Byron Jerideau are reinstated, the NCAA will vote on four year scholarships, women's basektball > men's basketball, South Carolina legislators propose legislation to prevent things that aren't in danger of actually happening, and Darrin Horn has not yet been fired.

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The fine folks at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute hooked us up with a chance to interview Melvin Ingram. It was an honor to chat with perhaps the most accomplished and universally beloved one-year starter in Gamecock football history. We talked about his preparation for the NFL draft, the 2011 season, and why Everybody Loves Whammy.

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In this week's episode Grady Brown is hired to coach the secondary, GEORGIA TOTALLY CHEATED TO GET AN EASY SEC SCHEDULE IN 2012!!!, Connor and the Feathered Warrior read your mail (and a text), National Signing Day gets wrapped up, Connor babbles on for a bit about limbs and being out on them, Chad Kelly does Chad Kelly things, the horror that is the men's basketball program drives the Feathered Warrior to an impassioned rant in which he betrays his true identity, and Markeshia Grant is the first unanimous Velociraptor of the Week.

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