Half Cocked: A South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast

Connor and George shoot the breeze about the Deke Adams hiring, Steve Spurrier making it rain during halftime of the men's basketball game, Na'Ty Rodgers committing to the 2013 recruiting class, and the merits and (overwhelmingly) demerits of tweeting at recruits. Kyle Bishop of Chicken Hoops stops by to give us some serious education on this year's South Carolina basketball team and helps us look ahead to the the future of the Frank Martin era and the promise that it holds.

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Defensive line coach Brad Lawing leaves South Carolina to coach the same position at the University of Florida. Because why? Brandi of #TeamGarcia has some ideas about that, and she also joins us for a spirited round of Chad Kelly Tweet or Kanye West Tweet. Ace Sanders experiences going pro for the first time... again. Joe Blue becomes the first commitment of the 2014 football class, and Connor and George take a perfunctory stab at discussing Gamecock basketball.

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George Stevens joins Connor for the second consecutive week to welcome Ace Sanders back for the 2013 season and take one last look at 2012 and where it stands in the annals of Gamecock football history. A Melvin Ingram impression is attempted.

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George Stevens joins Connor to talk about Connor Shaw's foot surgery and the implications for the Gamecocks' QB competition, the potential impact of Ace Sanders declaring for the NFL Draft, why we're still talking about Jadeveon Clowney's attempted manslaughter of Vincent Smith a week later, David Williams' commitment to the 2013 recruiting class, and how adults should behave on Twitter.

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The South Carolilna Gamecocks defeat the Michigan Wolverines 33-28 in the Outback Bowl despite not playing their best game. Jadeveon Clowney knocks Vincent Smith into next week. Ace Sanders has the game of his carrer; will he use it as a launching pad into the 2013 NFL Draft? Connor and The Feathered Warrior have finally boarded the Dylan Thompson bandwagon, and lots more in this week's edition of Half Cocked.

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