Half Cocked: A South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast

How late is this week's preview podcast? So late that we aren't even wasting time writing a proper episode description. Clemson vs. South Carolina. Texas A&M vs. Missouri. Alabama vs. Auburn. We hit all of the games that matter to the Gamecocks.

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We feel bad about the lack of a Florida recap. We really do. So we made it up to you by putting together a thorough preview of Coastal Carolina. Yes. We went thered. Lewis Woodward of 100.3 The Team in Myrtle Beach, the flagship station of the Chanticleers, joined us to break down CCU and explain how they went from Big South bottom-dweller to 10-1 in just a few years. In total, we sepend 100 minutes of previewing the game against Coastal Carolina and analyzing the craziness from last weekend. Buckle in. This is a good one, y'all.

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WILDS BACK. WALDROP BACK. Would you fire Will Muschamp? Dan Mullen? What needs to happen for South Carolina to lose to what appears to be a severly overmatched Florida team. WHICH DO YOU PREFER: SEC Championship Game appearance or at-large BCS bid?

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South Carolina defeated Mississippi State 34-16 on homecoming weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, and Connor and Jorge are here to analyze all of the action.

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