Half Cocked: A South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast (general)

Connor and The Feathered Warrior talk about the Josh Kendall's question to Will Muschamp about Election Day and the ensuing controversy for 45 minutes. Fun times.

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South Carolina lost to Kentucky for the fourth year in a row. Join Connor and The Feathered Warrior as they survey the wreckage.

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Connor, The Feathered Warrior, Jorge, and Brandi discuss the season opener against Vanderbilt, South Carolina's clear bags policy, Andy Demetra leaving for Georgia Tech, and other stuff.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior got tired of arguing with people on Twitter, so they decided to record a podcast. South Carolina advanced to the super regionals, and that's great; but we should continue to apply the same scrutiny to the Holbrook Era. The same goes for Will Muschamp, who is suddenly without his best defensive player and isn't recruiting quite on the level (so far) that we thought he would.

Also, Florida tries to box out South Carolina as the rightsholders to the Steve Spurrier-Florida Field legacy.

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We lost to Clemson, and that's fine. We still don't appear to be anywhere close to hiring a coach, and that's not.

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Dabo invented a new dance, Waka Flocka Flame did the weather, and South Carolina played a football game, I guess. Frank Martin's team is back on the court, and the football team's coaching search is stagnating.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior discuss Steve Spurrier's retirement and the impact it will have on South Carolina's football program.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior make what little sense there is to be made of South Carolina's 2015 spring game.

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The women's basketball team wins a regular season championship, the mens' team is still having some problems, and the baseball season is not off to the bst start. All that and more on today's episode of Half Cocked.

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South Carolina introduces a new defensive coordinator, Shameik Blackshear gets arrested, and Danny Garrison hops on the podcast to talke Squidward, Selma, and Shon Carson House Calls. Watch the basketball team's rap video here. Check out our Spotify playlist here.


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On the new episode of Half Cocked, Connor and the Feathered Warrior discuss the hiring of John Hoke, South Carolina's 2015 recruiting class, the dismal state of men's basketball as compared to the soaring heights of women's basketball, and whether you can find love with a person who does not share your passion for sports.

Music on this week's podcast is "Fembot" and "Call Your Girlfriend," from Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 and Body Talk Pt. 3, respectively.

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ChickenHoops joins the podcast to account for the South Carolina basketball team's unexpected success and let's us know what the Gamecocks' chances are of knocking off Florida.

Find him on Twitter @ChickenHoops. The music on today's podcast is "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed" by Los Campesinos! and "Da Rockwilder" by Method Man and Redman.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior evaluate the year in South Carolina athletics and look ahead to 2015.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior ponder where Dabo Swinney purchases his pies and unveil their favorite holiday-centric pies. They also dissect the Jursassic World trailer and even get into South Carolina's upcoming game against the Clemson Tigers as well as other important matchups throughout the SEC.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior analyze South Carolina's 37-12 win over South Alabama and begin to turn their focus toward Clemson.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior preview South Carolina's game against Furman. Phil Steele -- yes, that Phil Steele -- joins the show to update us on Cocky's progress in the Capital One Mascot Challenge and share his thoughts on the Gamecocks' tumultuous season.

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Connor Tapp and The Feathered Warrior reflect upon the Gamecocks' 21-20 loss to Missouri and preview South Carolina's week six matchup against the Kentucky. Saul Wright from the Blue State Podcast joins them to help break down the Wildcats.

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Connor and Jorge preview South Carolina's season-opening matchup against the Texas A&M Aggies.

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Brandi Mills of The Big Spur and Buck of The Rubber Chickens join the podcast to discuss SEC Media Days, the preseason depth chart, and the uncertain eligibility of South Carolina's four-star cornerback signees.

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The 2014 baseball season comes to an uxpectedly early close and Arden Key rejoins the 2015 recruiting class. Can the Gamecocks finally break through into the football recruiting elite?

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We talked to ESPN's Rece Davis about the BCS Championship, his involvement in the ESPN Megacast, and what South Carolina needs to do to be more heavily represented in the Capital One Cup standings.

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Connor and Jorge run throgh the all of the injuries, NFL Draft delcarations, and speeding citations that made the news during the last month and preview South Carolina's New Year's Day mactchup agains the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2014 Capital One Bowl.

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For the second time in a little more than a month, ESPN's Rece Davis joins us to discuss South Carolina's 2013 football season, Frank Martin's chances of shaping the Gamecock basketball team into a winner, and how in the world Cocky was excluded from the 2013 Capital One Mascot Challenge.

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South Carolina has beaten Clemson for a fifth consecutive season, and this is something about which we should all be excited. The Gamecocks will not, however, be attending the SEC Championship Game, thanks to the Missouri Tigers' 28-21 victory over Texas A&M. Will any South Carolina assistants be contenders for head coaching vacancies? If so, who will replace them?

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How late is this week's preview podcast? So late that we aren't even wasting time writing a proper episode description. Clemson vs. South Carolina. Texas A&M vs. Missouri. Alabama vs. Auburn. We hit all of the games that matter to the Gamecocks.

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We feel bad about the lack of a Florida recap. We really do. So we made it up to you by putting together a thorough preview of Coastal Carolina. Yes. We went thered. Lewis Woodward of 100.3 The Team in Myrtle Beach, the flagship station of the Chanticleers, joined us to break down CCU and explain how they went from Big South bottom-dweller to 10-1 in just a few years. In total, we sepend 100 minutes of previewing the game against Coastal Carolina and analyzing the craziness from last weekend. Buckle in. This is a good one, y'all.

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WILDS BACK. WALDROP BACK. Would you fire Will Muschamp? Dan Mullen? What needs to happen for South Carolina to lose to what appears to be a severly overmatched Florida team. WHICH DO YOU PREFER: SEC Championship Game appearance or at-large BCS bid?

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South Carolina defeated Mississippi State 34-16 on homecoming weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, and Connor and Jorge are here to analyze all of the action.

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Justin Sutton of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls joins us to preview South Carolina's home game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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ESPN's Rece Davis spoke with us about South Carolina's miraculous win in Columbia, MO, the narrative of Jadeveon Clowney's 2013 season and how it was shaped by his coverage of the North Carolina game, and Rece's involvement with the Capital One Cup advisory board.

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South Carolina beat Missouri 27-24 in a double overtime thriller. Connor and The Feathered Warrior are here to take you through it and let you know what needs to happen for South Carolina to win the SEC East.

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With Steve Spurrier announcing that Dylan Thompson will be getting his first SEC start this Saturday, Jesus is about to get a lot more famous in Columbia, MO. He'll be aided by the expected return of senior right guard Ronald Patrick but nagging injuries could keep others out of South Carolina's game against Missouri. Despite recent events, Connor and Jorge remain optimistic that the Gamecocks have a good chance to win and get right back in the SEC East race. 

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Connor, Jorge de los Gallos, and The Feathered Warrior review South Carolina's 23-21 loss to the Tennessee Volunteers and delight in the misery of Georgia, Florida, and Clemson.

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The incomparable ChickenHoops joins Connor to add some intellectual gravitas to the podcast and preview South Carolina's second straight SEC road game, this time against the Tennessee Volunteers. They also take a look at some of the other action around the SEC and break from tradition to discuss an ACC game that you might have heard is happening this weekend.

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Despite ESPN's best efforts, South Carolina had its first completely satisfying win of the 2013 season with a 52-7 road blowout of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Connor and Jorge recap and analyze the the Gamecocks' best effort of the season and take a look at how South Carolina's past and future opponents fared on Saturday. (SPOILER ALERT: They did not fare well.)

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Connor is joined by Brandi Mills to break down South Carolina's road game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, Brandi's crush on Les Miles, who we would most like to see score a Fat Guy Touchdown for the Gamecocks, and some #RealTalk about the whole Jadevoen Clowney situation.

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Connor and Jorge sift through the wreckage of the latest tall tale in the Jadeveon Clowney Saga, analyze South Carolina's 35-28 win, and attempt to make doing a hashtag search for #SCVoice a very disturbing experience.

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In honor of the Head Ball Coach, Connor and Jorge conducted a bit of experiment by partaking of drink for the preview of the Gamecocks vs. Wildcats.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior analyze South Carolina's 28-25 win over Central Florida and break down the results from around the SEC during the fifth week of the college football season.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior preview the Gamecocks' road matchup against the the Central Florida Knights.

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The Gamecocks have the week off during the fourth Saturday of the college football season, and the main competition for most of the other teams in the SEC will be the point spread. This didn't keep Connor and The Feathered Warrior from having a spirited discussion about special teams, potential replacements for Steve Spurrier, and which SEC coach is secretly playing Grand Theft Auto 5 instead of preparing for a two touchdown victory against a lower-tier FBS opponent.

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Connor and Jorge de los Gallos review South Carolina's 35-25 victory over the Vanderbilt Commodores, discuss the student section's collective decision to leave at halftime, and run down the other notable games during SEC football's thrid week.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior discuss the ongoing feud between Steve Spurrier and Ron Morris, fictional war stories, South Carolina's matchup with the Vanderbilt Commodores, and the other big games in the SEC in college football's third week.

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Buck from The Rubber Chickens and Brandi Mills from The Big Spur join Connor to look back at South Carolina's 41-30 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Connor, Kyle, and John analyze South Carolina's road matchup with the Georgia Bulldogs and briefly discuss the long-awaited release of the Gamecocks' 2013-14 basketball schedule.

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Connor, Jorge, and The Feathered Warrior analyze South Carolina's 27-10 victory against the North Carolina Tar Heels and take a look at some of the other notable results in the first week of the 2013 college football season.

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Gamecock Man, Chicken Hoops, and Jorge de los Gallos join the podcast to preview South Caroilna's season opener against the North Carolina Tar Heels, discuss the pros and cons of watching Gamecock football games at bars, and ponder manners in which SEC fans can circumvent Time Warner Cable's exclusion of CBS from its channel lineup. Connor and Jorge also take a tour around the other notable SEC games in week one and unveil the inaugural Marcus Lattimore "Aww, Definitely" Locks of the Week.

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Brad Shepard, senior editor of RockyTopTalk.com, joins us to discuss the 2013 Tennessee Volunteers in their first year under new head coach Butch Jones and how UT fans view South Carolina in the SEC East power structure.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior discuss South Carolina's 2014 football schedule, and Nick Carboni joins us to discuss the 2013 Arkansas Razorbacks and Missouri Tigers.

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Jorge and Connor discuss the latest news from fall football practice, South Carolina's looming matchup with North Carolina, how many sacks Clowney needs to record in 2013, and Chad Kelly's next tattoo. Metal Building Dawg joins the program to preview the 2013 Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior discuss storylines emerging from the Gamecocks' fall practice, Jadeveon Clowney signing autographs, and the fast food restaurant we'd most like to see built into Williams-Brice Stadium as a good luck charm.

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Jadeveon Clowney makes contact with Jay Z, has his most famous play rendered illegal, and is left off of 10% of the media's All-SEC ballots. The Gamecocks pick up four commitments for the 2014 and 2015 classes.

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Brandi Mills joins us to talk about her maiden voyage at SEC Media Days and Jadeveon Clowney's transformation into a media rockstar. Kyle King fills us in on the storied history of the dormant rivalry between Georgia and Clemson.

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00:00 Intro / Sick as a dog

07:28 Talking NCAA Football 14 with Ben Haumiller

40:00 Orange hatgate, no Heisman campaign for Jadeveon Clowney, Watchlistmania, and Al Harris, Jr. commits

45:52 Looking back on Half Cocked's first 100 episodes

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Connor is joined by both Jorge and The Feathered Warrior to to discuss the commitments of L.J. Peak and Shaq Davidson, Connor Shaw jumping out of planes and stuff, Black Magic weekend and the resulting photoshop abominations, and the spectacular conclusion to the Howard's Rock saga.

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00:00 Intro
04:30 JC Shurburtt of The Big Spur on Gamecock football recruiting, South Carolina's quarterback play under Steve Spurrier, and the way coaching staffs approach recruiting.
36:27 Twitter questions

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00:00 Intro
08:45 Outback Bowl 2013/The Hit
17:09 Howard's Rock
22:19 Arden Key commitment and comments
24:22 Overall feelings about the 2014 and 2015 recruiting classes
31:57 The Final Cockdown
47:56 NCAA Football '14
47:09 Listener Mail
1:00:56 Good night

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00:00 Intro
03:45 2013 Georgia Football Preview w/ Mr. Sanchez of Dawg Sports
26:30 2013 Texas A&M Football Preview w/ State's Witness Henry Hill
58:58 Coming Up On Garnet And Black Attack
59:53 Half Cocked, Fully Cultured

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00:00 Intro
00:48 Cock Shots (Drew Barker, UNC game in 2015, UGa brawl)
23:25 Jason Kirk
53:09 This week at Garnet & Black Attack

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00:00 Intro
00:48 Hello
01:28 Cock Shots (Chesnobyl)
17:17 Wes Mitchell of TheBigSpur.com on Kalan Ritchie, Drew Barker, Nick Chubb, and Bentley Spain
47:23 This week at Garnet And Black Attack
49:43 Half Cocked, Fully Cultured

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Matt Carli of MeatLockerSports.com joins us to break down the Gamecocks who were taken in the 2013 NFL Draft and how they will contribute their teams in the coming years. Connor and George also discuss 2014 mock drafts, way too early top 25s for 2013, the betting line for the 2013 season opener against North Carolina, and whether or not the SEC should move to a 9-game conference schedule.

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We're not in Appalachia anymore, as Michael Fuller, staff writer on the new Sundance channel series "Rectify", joins us to talk about what it's like to write for a critically acclaimed and (hopefully) widely watched cable drama, our mutual distaste for hacky Jadeveon Clowney blog posts, and his expectations for the 2013 football season. Connor and guest co-host Brandi Mills also discuss the NFL Draft, the College Football Playoff, Joker Phillips' phenomenal Instagram account, and what restaurant Steve Spurrier would be.

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Connor and George review the Garnet & Black spring game, and 247Sports National Recruiting Director J.C. Shurburtt hops on to break down the commitment of Bryson Allen-Williams and explain what he'll bring to the South Carolina football team beginning in 2014.

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Former South Carolina wide receiver Tim "Pops" Frisby joins Connor and George to talk about what the members of the 2013 receiving corps need to do to take a step forward, why he turned down a scholarship offer from Lou Hotlz, what Steve Spurrier did to change the mentality of the football program, and whether or not the Head Ball Coach's predecessor really did lose control of the locker room. Connor and George also exhaust all possible puns related to Da'Shawn Hand, look back at the baseball team's sweep of the Tennessee Volunteers, and discuss the controversy surrounding D.J. Swearinger and Justice Cunningham's temporary exile from the weight room and the latter's subequent flurry of activity on Twitter.

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Connor and George talk to Gamecock legend Marcus Lattimore about his recovery from his October knee injury, his career at South Carolina, and Steve Spurrier coaching with his shirt off. The guys also talk about the Gamecock baseball team's sweep of Texas A&M, the retention of Dawn Staley, and the Head Ball Coach's bold performance at South Carolina's pro timing day.

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Wes Mitchell of The Big Spur joins Connor and George to talk about spring football practice and 2014 football recruiting. The guys unveil a pair of new segments called Five Hot Takes On Half Cocked and Half Cocked, Fully Cultured.

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In this bonus episode of Half Cocked, Connor interviewed Landon Howell, director of strategy and content for a new sports social media app called Fancred. Landon explained what Fancred is all about and described the ways you can use to improve your experience as a producer and/or consumer of online sports content. Connor and Landon also talked about adjusting to cultures not as obsessed with college football after moving away from the South, why college sports elicit a more emotional connection from us than professional sports, and the strange history of interbreeding between the coaching staffs of South Carolina and Southern Miss (Landon's alma mater).

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For this episode of the podcast, George and Connor were joined by Brandi Mills (The Big Spur, #TeamGarcia) and Gman (The Rubber Chickens Blog) for part one of two in their series on Gamecock sports and social media. The guys break down a Harlem Shake video featuring a nearly nude Devin Taylor before being joined by the always entertaining Brandi Mills, with whom they discussed her new role at The Big Spur, the newly released "Hard Hitta" rap song featuring Melvin Ingram and D.J. Swearinger, Shon Carson's Instagram account, and the time Brandi asked Steve Spurrier about his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Then Connor and George are joined by Gman of The Rubber Chickens, who talks about what it was like interviewing Phil Kornblut and Carey Rich for TRC Unleashed, what he's looking forward to learning about the Gamecock football team during spring practice, and where you can pick up the latest Rubber Chickens duds. All that and more on this week's episode of Half Cocked.

Direct download: Half_Cocked_86_3.mp3
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Kyle Bishop, author of the amazing Gamecock basketball blog Chicken Hoops, joins us to talk look back at the nearly completed 2012-13 season and gives us a glimpse into what we might reasonably expect next year. We also discuss which of our name-based rivalries (Southern Cal and North Carolina) we find most irritating and break some potentially exciting news about a DJ Swearinger rap song.

Direct download: Half_Cocked_85.mp3
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The Big Spur's John Whittle joins us to break down last weekend's Reedy River Rivalry series between South Carolina and helps us get a sense of what to expect from the 2013 Gamecocks as we get deeper into the college baseball season. Connor and Goerge also talk about the newly released pre-spring football depth chart, who we'll be rooting for when Georgia and Clemson play at the beginning of the football season, and whether it's appropriate or grossly inappropriate to put an apostrophe before "Cocks".

Direct download: Half_Cocked_84.mp3
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Connor and George rejoice in Shawn Elliott's decision to remain in Columbia for at least another year, run through the Gamecocks who will be participating in the NFL Combine, discuss the Jadeveon Clowney debate for the first and last time on the podcast, provide cutting edge analysis of the latest Twitter activity from Chad Kelly and Stephen Garcia, break down the walk-up music for the 2013 Yardcocks, acknowledge the existence of the sport of basketball, and gleefully anticipate the beginning of the football team's spring practice.

Direct download: Half_Cocked_83.mp3
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Chris Clark from GamecockCentral.com joins us to analyze South Carolina's incoming crop of football players and let us know what we can expect from each of the 21 letter of intent signees this fall, Connor and George analyze the quality of the names (both given and sur-) in this year's signing class, and Donnie Stanhope calls in to The Cock Box (312-789-5647 for The Cock Box) to remind Connor that each passing second brings him closer to death.

Direct download: Half_Cocked_82.mp3
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Wes Mitchell from The Big Spur joins us to preview National Signing Day. Stephen Garcia's Twitter account has a breakout performance, and Connor and George attempt to guess the names of Georgia's basketball players. (It's really quite fascinating.)

Direct download: Half_Cocked_81.mp3
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Connor and George shoot the breeze about the Deke Adams hiring, Steve Spurrier making it rain during halftime of the men's basketball game, Na'Ty Rodgers committing to the 2013 recruiting class, and the merits and (overwhelmingly) demerits of tweeting at recruits. Kyle Bishop of Chicken Hoops stops by to give us some serious education on this year's South Carolina basketball team and helps us look ahead to the the future of the Frank Martin era and the promise that it holds.

Direct download: Half_Cocked_80.mp3
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Defensive line coach Brad Lawing leaves South Carolina to coach the same position at the University of Florida. Because why? Brandi of #TeamGarcia has some ideas about that, and she also joins us for a spirited round of Chad Kelly Tweet or Kanye West Tweet. Ace Sanders experiences going pro for the first time... again. Joe Blue becomes the first commitment of the 2014 football class, and Connor and George take a perfunctory stab at discussing Gamecock basketball.

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George Stevens joins Connor for the second consecutive week to welcome Ace Sanders back for the 2013 season and take one last look at 2012 and where it stands in the annals of Gamecock football history. A Melvin Ingram impression is attempted.

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George Stevens joins Connor to talk about Connor Shaw's foot surgery and the implications for the Gamecocks' QB competition, the potential impact of Ace Sanders declaring for the NFL Draft, why we're still talking about Jadeveon Clowney's attempted manslaughter of Vincent Smith a week later, David Williams' commitment to the 2013 recruiting class, and how adults should behave on Twitter.

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The South Carolilna Gamecocks defeat the Michigan Wolverines 33-28 in the Outback Bowl despite not playing their best game. Jadeveon Clowney knocks Vincent Smith into next week. Ace Sanders has the game of his carrer; will he use it as a launching pad into the 2013 NFL Draft? Connor and The Feathered Warrior have finally boarded the Dylan Thompson bandwagon, and lots more in this week's edition of Half Cocked.

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Mike Fitzpatrick of the Michigan Man Podcast joins Connor to preview the 2013 Outback Bowl between the South Carolina Gamecocks and Michigan Wolverines.

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Many linebackers enter, two remain. The quarterback controversy rages on. Basketball season dares us to to care about it, but do we? Also, a special guest stops by to help us close out the show.

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Lance Burleson joins Connor to celebrate Marcus Lattimore's decision to enter the 2013 draft and speculate upon which other Gamecock underclassmen might take a look at the NFL. Then things get a bit dark as the guys embark upon an extended discussion about the decommitment of Matt Rolin and what it says about the current state of the South Carolina football program. Finally, they handicap Jadeveon Clowney's chances of winning the Heisman Trophy in 2013.

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Do you have Outback Bowl fever? Connor and The Feathered Warriror do. OR DO THEY? Also, there is completely misinformed discussion of sailing terminology.

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What's that weird static sound? We don't know. Maybe Connor's microphone is dying. Maybe Skype is weird. But one thing's for sure: the Gamecock football team isn't playing this weekend. Why? Because they played LSU instead of Ole Miss. That's why. Jadeveon Clowney is named to the AFCA All-American team, and so is Tajh Boyd... and Dalton Freeman. Why? Because the AFCA's chief sponsor is Cialis. What does that have to do with anything? We don't know, but LOL. The Coaching Carousel is in full effect, Marcus Lattimore is considering entering the 2013 NFL Draft, Bruce Ellington is playing basketball, and Lance and Connor are extremely concerned that Georgia will win the SEC Championship game.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior rejoice in the miracle of South Caroina beating Clemson for a fourth consecutive year, take a look at some of the other results from around the SEC, speculate upon the future of the ACC, and consider what Steve Spurrier's legacy would be in Columbia if he retired tomorrow.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior preview South Carolina's road matchup against the hated Clemson Tigers. The Feathered Warrior describes Jadeveon Clowney as a "shit-talking, love-making, sack-inducing threat." There is also a heated debate about the proper application of the term "boat race."

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior to recap South Carolina's 24-7 win over the Wofford Terriers and The Feathered Warrior explains to Connor how the human body digests alcohol.

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In this episode of Half Cocked, Lance and Connor do everything BUT preview the Gamecocks' final home game of 2012 against the Wofford Terriers. Here are some of the things they talk about instead: the short-live FX show Terriers, how Lance is overly worried about saying negative things about D.L. Moore and Dylan Thompson, whether Connor could pull off naming his offspring LeBron, Collin Klein or Johnny Football?, and Would going to Tennessee be a step down for James Franklin?

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South Carolina dispatches the struggling Arknasas Razorbacks by a margin of 38-20 while the Texas A&M Aggies dash the Gamecocks' Sugar Bowl hopes by upending the Crimson Tide. Frank Martin leads his young team to an impressive come-from-behind win over UW-Milwaukee. (Yes, we know how that sounds.)

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Connor Shaw has been gimpin' around at practice, Dylan Thompson injured his triceps reading The Bible, Mike Davis and Kenny Miles will split carries at running back, Jadeveon Clowney has a mysterious foot injury, the Gamecocks don't have a realistic shot a going to the Sugar Bowl, Connor and The Feathered Warrior are scared as hell of the Arkansas game, and Robert Nkemdiche might have decomitted from Clemson.

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Connor and Lance are joined by Buck of The Rubber Chickens to recap the Gamecocks' bye week. They update you on the status of Marcus Lattimore and break down the other games from around the SEC.

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Lance fills in for the Feathered Warrior as he and Connor review the newly released 2013 football schedule. They discuss allegations that Steve Spurrier displayed "no class" during Marcus Lattimore's birthday rally, why the students are still leaving games too early, and why no true freshmen have stepped in and made a big impact on the 2012 football team. They wrap things up by going over the other week 10 matchups in the SEC.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior recap the Week 9 action in Williams-Brice and from around the rest of the SEC. South Carolina escapes with a 38-35 win over the Tennessee Volunteers, but the victory was a pyrrhic one as Marcus Lattimore went down with a season-ending knee injury for the second consecutive year. The Feathered Warrior wrote a beautiful note to Marcus, and you should join him by sending your condolences to:

Marcus Lattimore

c/o USC Atheltics Department

Rice Athletic Center

1304 Heyward Street

Columbia, SC,  29208

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Ray Tanner makes his first big hire as the Director of Athletics. We preview South Carolina's game against Tennessee as the Gamecocks look to right the ship against the struggling Vols. Chase calls in to The Cock Box to give us a pep talk, and The Feathered Warrior wants you to know that "we have, at this moment, access to our football dreams."

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Connor suffers from a bout of amnesia before remembering the horror that took place in Gainesville on Saturday. Is the offense to blame? Is Connor Shaw the best quarterback on the roster? Is there any team in the SEC that is nearly as good as Alabama? All that and more in our realest podcast yet.

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Michael Haney of 107.5 The Game joins us to preview South Carolina's critical SEC East road matchup with the Florida Gators. Adding to the star-studded nature of this episode, Buck from The Rubber Chickens calls in to The Cock Box to ask if Gamecocks should be OK with a 10-2 record and no return trip to the SEC Championship Game.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior do their best to recover from South Caronlina's difficult road loss to the Louisiana State University Tigers and play the messages that you left in The Cock Box.

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Lance fills in for The Feathered Warrior as we preview South Carolina's trip to Baton Rouge. Steve Spurrier breaks the truce in his war of words with Dabo Swinney, 2013 DT Kelsey Griffin makes a verbal commitment to the football team, Connor dislikes camouflage in all of its forms, and the Gamecocks' showdown with LSU gets previewed. Also, The Cock Box has the game of its life.

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Connor (voice) had his start pushed back one day thanks to an injury he sustained during the first quarter of the Georgia game. Though his voice is still not totally recovered, he's fighting through the pain to bring you, along with The Feathered Warrior, a recap of South Carolina's 35-7 obliteration of the Georgia Bulldogs. DeVonte Holloman and Connor Shaw take home Velociraptor of the Week honors.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior preview perhaps the biggest game in the history of Williams-Brice Stadium as the Georgia Bulldogs and ESPN's College GameDay come to town for a matchup between the fifth- and sixth-ranked teams in the nation. The guys also take a look at some of the other big games in the SEC affecting the Gamecocks' fortunes in the 2012 season.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior recap South Carolina's 38-17 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats and take a look at some of the other action from week five in the SEC.

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