Half Cocked: A South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast

Connor and The Feathered Warrior ponder where Dabo Swinney purchases his pies and unveil their favorite holiday-centric pies. They also dissect the Jursassic World trailer and even get into South Carolina's upcoming game against the Clemson Tigers as well as other important matchups throughout the SEC.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior analyze South Carolina's 37-12 win over South Alabama and begin to turn their focus toward Clemson.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior discuss South Carolina's season-saving win over Florida and tip-off for men's and women's basketball.

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Garnet And Black Attack managing editor ChickenHoops joins the podcast to discuss South Carolina's 2014-15 men's basketball team. We also grudgingly look ahead to the football team's game at The Swamp.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior reconvene to discuss the sorry state of the South Carolina Gamecocks' football program? What changes need to be made on the coaching staff? Will the 2015 recruiting class provide enough relief to renew hope of competing for championships? All that and more on today's episode of Half Cocked.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior preview South Carolina's game against Furman. Phil Steele -- yes, that Phil Steele -- joins the show to update us on Cocky's progress in the Capital One Mascot Challenge and share his thoughts on the Gamecocks' tumultuous season.

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Connor Tapp and The Feathered Warrior reflect upon the Gamecocks' 21-20 loss to Missouri and preview South Carolina's week six matchup against the Kentucky. Saul Wright from the Blue State Podcast joins them to help break down the Wildcats.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior reflect on a long weekend of college football with no South Carolina game. Did Clemson's loss to Georgia improve their spirits? Is Tennesee ahead of schedule? What should the Vandy-Ole Miss rivalry be called? Will South Carolina rebound to knock off ECU? The answers to these and so many other questions you didn't know you didn't care about on this episode of The Half Cocked podcast.

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Welp. Texas A&M trounced South Carolina 52-28. Where in the hell do we go from here?

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Connor and Jorge preview South Carolina's season-opening matchup against the Texas A&M Aggies.

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