Half Cocked: A South Carolina Gamecocks Podcast

ESPN's Rece Davis spoke with us about South Carolina's miraculous win in Columbia, MO, the narrative of Jadeveon Clowney's 2013 season and how it was shaped by his coverage of the North Carolina game, and Rece's involvement with the Capital One Cup advisory board.

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South Carolina beat Missouri 27-24 in a double overtime thriller. Connor and The Feathered Warrior are here to take you through it and let you know what needs to happen for South Carolina to win the SEC East.

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With Steve Spurrier announcing that Dylan Thompson will be getting his first SEC start this Saturday, Jesus is about to get a lot more famous in Columbia, MO. He'll be aided by the expected return of senior right guard Ronald Patrick but nagging injuries could keep others out of South Carolina's game against Missouri. Despite recent events, Connor and Jorge remain optimistic that the Gamecocks have a good chance to win and get right back in the SEC East race. 

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Connor, Jorge de los Gallos, and The Feathered Warrior review South Carolina's 23-21 loss to the Tennessee Volunteers and delight in the misery of Georgia, Florida, and Clemson.

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The incomparable ChickenHoops joins Connor to add some intellectual gravitas to the podcast and preview South Carolina's second straight SEC road game, this time against the Tennessee Volunteers. They also take a look at some of the other action around the SEC and break from tradition to discuss an ACC game that you might have heard is happening this weekend.

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Despite ESPN's best efforts, South Carolina had its first completely satisfying win of the 2013 season with a 52-7 road blowout of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Connor and Jorge recap and analyze the the Gamecocks' best effort of the season and take a look at how South Carolina's past and future opponents fared on Saturday. (SPOILER ALERT: They did not fare well.)

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Connor is joined by Brandi Mills to break down South Carolina's road game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, Brandi's crush on Les Miles, who we would most like to see score a Fat Guy Touchdown for the Gamecocks, and some #RealTalk about the whole Jadevoen Clowney situation.

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Connor and Jorge sift through the wreckage of the latest tall tale in the Jadeveon Clowney Saga, analyze South Carolina's 35-28 win, and attempt to make doing a hashtag search for #SCVoice a very disturbing experience.

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In honor of the Head Ball Coach, Connor and Jorge conducted a bit of experiment by partaking of drink for the preview of the Gamecocks vs. Wildcats.

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Connor and The Feathered Warrior analyze South Carolina's 28-25 win over Central Florida and break down the results from around the SEC during the fifth week of the college football season.

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